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Why Team Foundation Server is like my old home theatre setup

Some six years ago, I bought a nicely integrated home theatre setup. DVD player, active subwoofer, satellite speakers, the works. I say integrated because the audio output of the DVD player went into the subwoofer which also acted as an amplifier. The satellite speakers were connected to the subwoofer/amplifier. I even got a huge remote to control it all.
This set has given me lots of cinematic viewing pleasure throughout these years. However, I would like to switch to a blu-ray player in the near future.

And I now have a problem because I cannot simply connect the blu-ray player to the old subwoofer/amplifier. The audio input of the subwoofer/amplifier only works with the DVD player. Integrated, you see.

What I should have done: buy a separate DVD player, buy a separate amplifier, buy separate speakers and hook everything together. Pick the best of everything.

"So? You made a wrong choice. Get over it.", you might say. And you would be right. But how does this relate to Tea…