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Team Foundation Server issues – rename resolving

This is the first part in a series of posts about Team Foundation Server. In an earlier post I promised to write about problems I’ve experienced with the source control part of TFS. I got rather tired of having to explain multiple times to various persons all the problems I’ve encountered in the past, so I decided to list all the issues on my blog.
Some background information to set the tone. I’m the build manager for a large project. Currently the project consists of around 17,000 files and contains ~3.5 million lines of code (blank lines and comments not counted). Code is a mix of C++, Visual Basic 6 and C# (for the largest part).

This project contains multiple applications that are released as a complete suite in a yearly cycle. Some 100 programmers work in different teams on this suite. Each team has their own branch to be able to work in isolation. We maintain a stable trunk principle. The trunk should always build. Breaking the trunk is not a good thing ;-)

When a team is r…