Bye bye XS4ALL. It was fun while it lasted…

For years (since 1996 or so) I’ve been a happy customer with XS4ALL. Sure, they were a bit expensive but their technical expertise was second to none. Especially in the early days of ADSL. Other providers would have interruptions in their service, but not XS4ALL.
But as time went by other providers caught up and got their act together. Around two years ago, I decided to switch from XS4ALL ADSL Lite (8 Mb) to Telfort ADSL (20 Mb). This move got me a faster ADSL connection for a lower price (and I haven’t had a single interruption with Telfort). I could keep my XS4ALL e-mail address with their Pack subscription (basically XS4ALL service without the connectivity).
Recently XS4ALL announced to raise the prices for a Pack subscription by 50%. This caused quite a stir in the XS4ALL community.
So I took the plunge. I no longer want to be dependent on an ISP for my e-mail. I registered my own domain and pointed the MX records to Google Apps. This way, I’m in control. I can create as many e-mail addresses as I want and let Google Apps handle the mail. Whenever Google does something I don’t agree with, I can easily switch to another service for handling my mail.
Total cost: $10 for the yearly domain registration. Google Apps is free.
Main disadvantage: I have to tell everyone that my old XS4ALL e-mail address will no longer be valid and people have to start using my new address. I’m still working on a migration plan for that.


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