Migrating to a new e-mail address

Recently I wrote a small article about my reasons to switch to a new solution for handling my mail. In it I mentioned that I’m working on a plan to migrate all my old mail. You see, I have a couple of years worth of mail that I don’t want to lose. And all my friends and relatives will have to be notified. And I want to make this transition as easily as possible (both for myself as the people who still use my old e-mail address).
So far, these are the steps I’m going to take:
  1. I will add a forward rule so all the mail being sent to getit@xs4all.nl will be forwarded to my new address, wilbert@arentheym.com.
  2. Use my local e-mail client (Thunderbird) to migrate all old mail from getit@xs4all.nl to wilbert@arentheym.com. This is just a simple step of dragging mail folders from one account to the other (made easy because both accounts use IMAP).
  3. Send an e-mail to all my friends and relatives explaining that from this time on they should use my new address. In the mail refer to the articles on this blog.
  4. Stop using the old account (after all, any mail sent will still be forwarded to the new account).
  5. Let one month pass – give people some time to adjust
  6. Start sending a default reply to mail being sent to getit@xs4all.nl. In the reply state that the getit@xs4all.nl address should no longer be used. Again, refer to the articles on this blog.
  7. Let one month pass – give people some time to adjust
  8. Cancel the subscription for XS4ALL. After this time, XS4ALL supposedly will still forward your mail for a period of two months (still want to see verification about this).


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