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It’s shit like this, developers. Part II

Some time ago I experienced how a certain company (that shall rename nameless) updates the software on the desktops/laptops of their employees. It was such a good example of how a bad user interface design can break your workflow that I felt compelled to put ink on paper (or bytes on a screen).
Imagine you are happily working in Visual Studio, Microsoft Word or Project and all of a sudden the following dialog pops up (in front of your current window of course).

This thing pops up and basically says: “Hey, I’m going to install some update for you. How nice is that? Now, if you would kindly press ‘next’ so I can continue.”
What’s wrong with this?
It breaks my workflow by presenting information I don’t care about. I don’t care about McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8 Patch 5 Update. Why didn’t you simply start the update process in the background?It asks me to acknowledge its existence by selecting ‘next’.
I have visions of the programmer working on this updater and wanting some recognit…