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Msysgit, Subversion and a HTTP-proxy

I’ve been working on a Sharepoint project for a couple of weeks now. The project is hosted in a Subversion repository on Codesion.

You can use Git to work with a Subversion repository. This way, you can easily work with local branches and push your changes back into the Subversion repository. It makes using Subversion bearable. You do have to install Subversion to make it work. I simply installed TortoiseSVN.

This worked excellent on my network at home, but on the network at the office we use a HTTP-proxy. Luckily the solution is easy. Find the ‘server’ configuration file of Subversion. On Windows 7, you can find it in \users\[username]\.subversion.

Open the file and add the following lines:
group1 = *

http-proxy-host = proxy
http-proxy-port = proxyport
Codesion uses as their domain for their repositories. Simply add a group with that domain. Replace the proxy and proxyport with the address of your proxy server and the port of the proxy.

This way,…