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Using NUnit for your tests in Team Foundation Service with a Git repository

Since quite some time now it is possible to create a new project in Team Foundation Service (the cloud variant, not to be confused with Team Foundation Server) using Git for your version control. Since I'm an avid Git user I decided to see how the newly released Git tooling would work within Visual Studio and how easy it would be to migrate a project I've hosted on Github to Team Foundation Service.

I cloned my repository that I'm currently hosting on Github. This project already contains a MSBuild file for building the entire project. It also contains some unittests, written using NUnit. First of all you create a new project in your Team Foundation Service. This is simply an empty project, you only indicate that you want to use Git.

Next you clone that empty project using the new Git tooling in Visual Studio 2010 update 2. For more detailed information on how to use the new Git tooling, check out the following post. Great, now I have an empty local repository. Now to fill th…